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DISC Results in Community Banks:

We have completed and reviewed DISC assessments on several hundred community bankers and here are the results for the retail employees:
D = 30%; I = 15%; S = 24%; C = 31%
The national average for bank customers is:
D = 18%;
I = 29%; S = 45%; C= 8%

Since the D and C behavioral types represent a systematic/price-based business attitude and the I and S types are relational and service-based, no wonder most community banks just don’t get it. Seventy-four percent (74%) of our customers will choose service over price if the service is remarkable. Over sixty percent (60%) of our employees probably put price before relationships in business. This is certainly one of the primary reasons most community banks can’t shake the price-based mass marketing approach to business development and move to the much more profitable relationship-based approach.

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