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What level are you on? Provided you have some way of scoring employee engagement, it’s pretty easy to tell. However, if you just ask your employees they will tell you they are operating at the highest level.

Commitment + Excitement = Success

If you want to see an employee or manager get defensive try questioning his commitment to the organization. Most people will tell you they are very committed to their work. If you want to accept that response you can, most organizations do. However, if you want to dig a little deeper, try finding out how committed the employee is to the goals, vision and mission of the organization. Have you tried to implement a successful sales culture or relationship based culture only to see your efforts yield no return? Have you tried to implement any new program only to see it fizzle out after just a few months? Then you have your answer about commitment. You have to measure employee engagement.

If you are not getting customer referrals on a consistent basis then your customers are not getting excited about your company. If your employees, regardless of their position, are not referring business to your company then they are not excited about what you have to offer. If you have a remarkable experience at a restaurant you’re likely to tell a friend because you are excited about it. If you see a great movie, you’re likely to tell someone you know. The same goes for your company. What’s the excitement level?

If your employees are committed to the organization and are excited about what you offer and your customers are excited about their experience with your company then measurable success will follow. This translates to success for the individual employee by having a more fulfilling career as well as success for the organization through increased employee engagement and increased profitability.

What level are you operating on?

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