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It’s all about management! Part 2

Just how bad is the problem of poor management?

According to the WSJ, employee engagement in the US is currently at 32%.  We agree.  Our engagement surveys indicate that the average bank has an employee engagement of only 21%.  These pitiful results are a result of managers not coaching.  These result are a direct reflection of a lack of leadership.  What makes this even worse is that employee engagement and this lack of coaching is within your control!

Do your managers match talents to tasks or try to create robots?
Do your managers set unenforced quotas or strengths-based expectations?
Do your managers “pat” their direct reports on the back?
Do your managers develop careers?

The reality is that the 80/20 rule exists due to poor management and leadership.  If you want to thrive in the current economy all you have to do is start coaching today!

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