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Being Remarkable

Take a quick minute to read the success story of Katie, a teller supervisor and remarkable employee at a remarkable branch, explaining how she generated business for her branch and helped a friend at the same time.

Katie’s Story…
When our bank went to a new mortgage company I sent out an email to all of my friends letting them know that we now do mortgage loans. 
When rates fell to an all time low on September 8th I sent out another email telling our rates for the day and one of my friends responded back that she may be interested.  She ended up coming in that day and got the application and brought it back in exactly a month later on Oct. 8th and was locked in that afternoon. 
In the mean time I went to her daughter’s birthday party and I suggested that she open up a savings account for her from all of her birthday money she got.  In that conversation she said that she was getting some money from her grandmother that was to help her out if she refinanced and for Christmas.  So I suggested that she open a money market it would earn interest. She came in to the branch and opened a MM & Saving for her daughter on 10/08/2010.

Thanks for letting us use this story Katie!

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