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The Perfect Loser

We read an article the other day called “Perfectionism is a Disease”. It made us think about what keeps an advocate culture from being fully implemented or any plan or process from being implemented. Often times, the so called Perfectionist is the person standing in the way of implementation. Perfectionism is something many proudly proclaim themselves to be. But in reality they just don’t get it.
No leader, manager, employee and no advocate culture is going to be perfect. If you don’t get that then you can stop reading further. Here are three types of perfectionists we normally run into…
Perfect Loser #1: Status Quo Protector – Whether a person really is a perfectionist or just claims to be one, this person will slow you to death with details. He does this because he fears change. He has this fear either because he perceives it will create extra work for him personally or he believes change will expose his weaknesses which are hidden by the current system. He will always have a reason why it can’t be done.
Perfect Loser #2: Innovation Killer – An innovator is not afraid to be wrong while the perfectionist will want every single detail to be perfectly laid out prior to making a move on any new product or service. We call this analysis paralysis. He is also very quick to criticize any innovation that didn’t work out perfectly. This kills future innovation. This person loves the quote, “What if?” and “Yes, but…”.
Perfect Loser #3: Excuse Maker – This person has an excuse for any area that could be pointed out where it seems that perfection in him doesn’t exist. Try pointing out an area of imperfection and the excuses start to fly! Give an idea on any topic… “I already do that”. Ask this manager to use a branch/team calendar… “Our customers are different here, they don’t like appointments”. Ask the employee to offer other products to his customers… “they already have everything they want”. When you have an excuse, you can be perfect without actually being perfect. That statement makes as little sense as the excuse maker.

Here’s the deal, don’t strive for perfection. Strive for remarkable. Remarkable embraces change and has faith and confidence in leadership. Remarkable innovates and constantly looks for ways to improve processes and systems. Remarkable makes no excuses, recognizes success and failures and is always improving. Don’t be the Perfect Loser. Go for Remarkable.

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One thought on “The Perfect Loser

  1. Love it! I think I know some of the excuse makers!!!

    Posted by Anonymous | October 29, 2010, 1:40 pm

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