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Non-Essential Employees

As winter approaches I begin to think of last year’s winter. Will it be as cold? Will we get snow in south Louisiana again? I remember last year, Washington, DC got hit with some pretty bad weather on a few occasions. When that occurred the government sent out a notice that all “non-essential” workers were to stay home. In case you’re wondering, the number of non-essential workers was 240,000! That says a lot in itself. Now I’m all for a day off, but I must say, if I were told to stay home because I was “non-essential” I’d be a little offended.  Here’s the question… are you a “non-essential” employee? If your position was eliminated would anyone miss you? Would the company even need to replace you?

Recent studies show that roughly 17% of employees are actively engaged in their work. Up to 30% of employees are actively disengaged. There’s a phrase called “addition by subtraction” which basically means that getting rid of some employees will increase overall productivity of the team and the organization.

Do you know any “non-essential” employees? If so, why are they still working with you? 

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