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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff? Think Again!

One of the things we hear working with different organizations is the comment… “You’re really not showing us anything new. These are common sense, basic things.” While we agree that many of the things we recommend and train on are nothing new and in many cases quite simple, the reality is that many of these simple, basic things are not being done and implemented. We are “Implementers” not “Trainers”. What we do is keep the focus on the basics, the so-called simple things. We track and recognize. Why? Consider this… 37% of customers who changed primary banks in 2010 did so because of poor customer service according to a recent survey by J.D. Power. That same survey showed 32% of large bank customers saying they “definitely will not” switch banks. That means 68% might. What an opportunity… if we’re paying attention to the little things.

So next time you’re thinking, “why do we do these weekly meetings“, “why do I need to have daily conversations with my direct reports”, “why do I need to track success on the score report“, remember, this keeps the focus on the things that matter and the processes that will drive remarkable results.

Here’s a quote we found in an article this week, “Quality: 4 Ways We Make It Harder Than It Has To Be”… “Dramatic improvements in outcomes arise not from some big change but from doing numerous, seemingly small things better.” Read the entire article for a little more insight.

Focus on the little things and get ready for big results!

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