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Giving your best deal to your worst customers!

I was recently at one of my favorite restaurants in Louisiana when I noticed a group of older men complaining to their waiter. They were upset about the cost of their beer (a fifty cent increase that had been in place for nearly a year). They complained to the 21 year old waiter that they hadn’t received an increase in their social security check in the last three years. They complained how “young people today” don’t understand hard work and that the country was “going to heck in a hand basket.” Over-hearing this, the manager discounted the bill to the previous price and the four senior whiners didn’t leave a tip. They did however sit at their table and complain about their terrible lives until I decided to ask them a few questions. I asked the four whiners “why they went out to eat if they couldn’t afford it?” “Why didn’t they leave a tip even though they received excellent service?” “Did they know that their 21 year old waiter is now paying for their Social Security and that at their current ages they had easily received everything they had put into Social Security years ago?” “Did they realize that they were ruining everyone’s dinner around them?” They finally left after complaining to the manager about me.

Several of the customers these men were bothering are regulars and some are advocates. All of the waiters cannot stand serving these four unprofitable customers. My waiter told me that “they complain about everything and they never leave a tip.”

I asked the manager why she didn’t ask the men to take their business elsewhere, she said that she and her staff treat all customers the same. I explained to her that she is incorrect, that she treats her worst customers the best.

I am no longer an advocate of this restaurant.

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2 thoughts on “Giving your best deal to your worst customers!

  1. This is so true! Most businesses placate those who complain to shut them up instead of rewarding those who are frequent customers. This is really a double edged sword, because, now you are no longer an advocate of the restaurant, and those grumpy old men will tell everyone how displeased they are with the place, too. So they are getting bad press all around.

    Posted by Holly McDonald | December 10, 2010, 4:21 pm
  2. I don't blame you I would not go back to that resturant either. It is a shame people complain about their service just to get their way.


    Posted by Anonymous | December 10, 2010, 7:44 pm

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