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Ask the Right Questions

We’ve talked in previous days about finding out what your customer values. What’s most important to your customer in a banking relationship. When we conduct phone shops it’s very rare to have an employee ask more that two profiling questions. It seems lately, more than half ask no profiling questions. With this being the case, it’s impossible to have the slightest idea of what the customer values. Sadly, we know for a fact that what is being done on the phones is exactly what is being done in person with the customer. A poor or less than great phone shop equals poor or less than great service in the branch. When we recommend asking more profiling questions we don’t mean, play 20 questions with the customer just because we’re pointing out that more profiling questions need to be asked. Remember, we’re trying to find out what the customer values. Questions must be asked in the course of a conversation. Here are a few questions you might consider asking next time someone calls or visits your branch to inquire about a checking account…

  • What’s most important to you in a checking account… earning interest, free ATM usage, no monthly service charge?
  • Is not paying a fee for teller transactions important to you?
Remember, you want to find out what’s most important to the customer instead of trying to sell what’s most important to you. Do this and you’ll experience great successes and your customers will experience remarkable service.

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One thought on “Ask the Right Questions

  1. I try to think of asking profiling questions as just getting to know the customer on a much more personal basis. It is starting a new relationship that you want to blossom. When i started thinking about it in this manner, it seemed less intimidating to me and came more naturally for me. I also try practicing this in everyday life outside of work so it is something I automatically do. For a reminder I keep the checklist from the Professional Telephone Skills Being Remarkable training by the phone. It is a very helpful tool having it there by the phone at all times. I see it everyday even when I don't need it.

    Posted by Carolann | December 17, 2010, 2:54 pm

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