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What are you changing?

What are you doing differently this year? If your branch deposits and net checking accounts are not growing annually by 15% then some changes should be made. If you’re not scoring consistently over 120% on your phone shops then changes should be made. If you are not getting at least 50% of your business from advocate referrals then changes should be made. If you’re not even sure how you are really doing as it relates to these different scores then changes should be made.

Here’s a phrase that’s been around for a long time. “Expecting different results from the same behavior.” If you are one that truly wants to improve. One that wants to be remarkable. Then you have to make a commitment to change. If you’re a leader or manager, this commitment has to be visible. Your direct reports have to see a disciplined approach in this commitment to change.

Sadly, many employees, managers and leaders are satisfied with the usual results. Some are satisfied with mediocre performance. Some are satisfied with good performance. This satisfaction keeps many from remarkable, business changing and life changing performance. However, if you’re one of those who wants to be remarkable, start today by changing just one thing. You have to start somewhere. Discipline is the key. Just like when beginning an exercise or diet plan. Without discipline every single day, you are destined to see the same results you’ve always seen. Once you understand the commitment to discipline, the next step is to decide on the one thing. If you try to change 10 things at once you might get overwhelmed. Just focus on one thing. Maybe it’s your daily calling efforts. Maybe it’s having a one-on-one conversation with your direct reports each day. Maybe it’s how you handle the phones or having and using a team calendar. What ever it is, start with something today, even though it’s Friday, start today.

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