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Got a Minute?

It’s amazing the difference just one minute makes. When we talk with employees about being remarkable on the phones, one universal excuse we hear for not being remarkable is that it takes too much time to do everything we ask. Sound crazy? It does to us too. Take 3 minutes to listen to the phone shop of Melissa, a Customer Service Representative, at one of the banks we work with. What you’ll hear is how you can be truly remarkable in just 3 minutes. Then listen to a shop of an employee at a typical large bank. What you’ll hear is how you can be truly average in just 2 minutes! As I heard from a bank executive today “we don’t have the luxury” of average performance anymore. Our recommendation… take the extra minute and be remarkable.
Remarkable Performance
Average Performance
FYI… if you don’t have an extra minute, let us know, we’ll be happy to help you with time management.

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