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Don’t expect to get something back that is different than what you give…

I like the story Nolan tells of a bank teller that said she gets all the crazy customers at her window. You know the ones… the mean customer, the unforgiving customer, the over-demanding customer, etc. In typical Nolan fashion he tells her “maybe you bring out the crazy in them”.

Think about it, why would the cashier at Wal-Mart with the bad attitude and the personality of a brick expect his customers to be friendly or smile at him. Why would the waiter that looks like she just ran over her dog and makes you feel like an interruption be surprised when her tip on a $30 check is $1.

As you go through your day try giving out to your customers, employees and coworkers what you want to receive and don’t be surprised by what you get back… good or bad.

Since I started by mentioning Nolan, I’ll end by giving you the Nolan test… If you’re not sure what you’re putting out each day try placing a mirror by your computer or workstation and look at it often so you can see what everyone else has to see all day! Remember, expect to receive what you give.

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