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Top 10 Reasons for not Cross-Selling

The following is a list of actual excuses for not cross-selling or being remarkable…

1. We’re short-staffed
2. The weather (don’t usually hear of Wal-Mart closing for rain or snow)
3. Holiday time (summer, spring break, groundhog day, etc.)
4. We need more training
5. I don’t know anyone
6. My customers have everything they need
7. I cross-sell… I just don’t track it because it’s my job
8. I don’t agree with cross-selling
9. We need better training (see #4… they keep moving the bar)
10. I’ve got my own way of doing things
When you write the excuses down you start to realize how crazy they are. If you ever catch yourself thinking or saying one of these excuses… STOP IT!!! If you think you never make excuses but still don’t cross-sell and you’re in a customer contact position, then you’re either in the wrong position or you’re in self-denial. It’s impossible not to cross-sell if you’re building relationships, providing remarkable service and offering the right product to the right customer at the right time.

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