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You think your employees aren’t losing you a ton of money?

This post is to all of the leaders and senior executives…

If you think your phones are handled well based on what you hear walking through the lobby, you better think again. Try having one of your friends call your bank and listen in. We’ve listed three recordings of phone shops conducted at three different banks on a single day. We could have put many more shops on here but figure these three should make the point. Poor customer service on the phones costs your bank roughly $150,000 in net income for every $100 million in bank assets. Do the math. On a billion dollar bank you’re losing roughly $1,500,000 in net income. Listen to these shops and ask yourself if you’d put your money in one of these banks.

Think you don’t need to set minimum standards for how your phones are handled? Think you don’t need to track how your phones are handled utilizing recorded phone shops? Think all is well on the phone front? You might want to think again.
To many of our customers who are setting, meeting and tracking standards on the phone. This is your competition! You can stop laughing now…. To a few of our customers who have branches not meeting the standard…. it’s time to get serious. This is real money being lost.

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