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Fire all the Lazy People!

It’s amazing how many lazy workers there are in the current economic environment. It’s even more amazing that so many managers and companies put up with lazy people on staff. How do they get away with it?

Bamboozling the Boss: When the manager doesn’t really understand what’s involved in the employee’s job and the time it takes to do that job. I’ve seen a few instances just this week where technology has been an issue. A lazy tech person can make a boss think he’s working very hard and smart when he’s not doing that much. He can make the boss think a 30-minute task really takes a half day to complete. If you’re a manager you better understand the tasks you oversee or you’ll be bamboozled. (Try using that word in a sentence today!)

Being Lucky: We’ve seen so many teams over the years perform at a better than average level even with a weak manager and a lazy employee. How can this be? When the team happens to have a few superstars and above average performers. They will carry the team, the team will get praise from senior management and the manager will get praise. The danger… the superstar will leave the organization at some point. Then you’re left with the average performers, the average boss and the lazy guy. According to the article linked below you should have gotten rid of the lazy guy because he’s holding you back

Lazy Manager: Sometimes the lazy person stays around because the manager is too lazy and can’t spot the lazy employee. Lazy managers don’t have individual daily conversations with each employee. Lazy managers don’t have weekly team meetings. Lazy managers don’t coach. Lazy managers don’t set expectations and hold employees accountable to those expectations. Lazy managers don’t take time to select the right people for the right job and match talents to task. Lazy managers dump the majority of the tasks on their best people. The lazy manager is the number one reason the lazy employee survives in most organizations.

Want to impact your bottom line over night and motivate your best performers??? Fire all the lazy people! Seriously! We’re not kidding! And don’t worry about any of your employees being offended by this article… none of the lazy people are taking the time to read it.

Why Lazy Co-Workers are Worse Than You Think

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