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Hat’s off to the great leader!

Great leaders spend their time taking hats off, not putting them on. If you’re a leader that’s a quote you should know and live by.

Let’s look at leaders that put on more hats. This is the leader that has to have his hand in and manage every aspect of the organization. This leader is one of the weakest you will ever encounter. This leader tends to be a control freak, arrogant, lazy and untrusting to name a few. If you’re a leader and think you must have your hands in every decision and initiative in the organization then prepare to be consumed, burnt out, ineffective and self-limiting. The more hats you put on, the more you control everyone else and the less you control yourself. Think about that statement for a few minutes!

Now let’s look at the leader that takes hats off. This leader is developmental. It’s not just about delegating, but more about developing future leaders. John Maxwell described this as the level 4 and 5 leaders in his latest book. This leader trusts others to lead. This leader recognizes his own strengths and those of others. This leaders cares more about the organization and the vision than personal ego. This leader understands that the more hats he takes off the greater his influence will become.

Finding yourself overwhelmed, stressed out or leading an organization or department that is stagnant or underperforming? Then look in the mirror and start taking off a few hats. Allow others around you to step up to the challenge. Spend your time developing leaders and giving away hats.

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One thought on “Hat’s off to the great leader!

  1. Couldn’t tell you how many Entrepuners I have worked with believe they have to control it all. Great Post…

    Posted by Sean Mance | January 23, 2012, 10:03 am

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