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Stop Thinking and Saying and Start Doing

Have you ever taken the time and listened to a state of the union address from the president? Any president? It doesn’t matter who the president is, they’re usually all the same. Lot’s of empty rhetoric filled with emotion and promises that typically never come to fruition. The same can be said of many leaders, managers and employees alike. Here are a few of the ways these promises begin. You can fill in the rest…

  • I want to start doing…
  • I was about to begin that…
  • I would like to start a…
  • I’ve been thinking about doing…
  • I think we need to have a meeting to talk about doing…

Get the picture? I’m going to, I’m thinking about, I would like to, we’re forming a committee. Or how about this… Let’s have a meeting so we can talk about setting up a meeting to see who can be in charge of setting up a committee that can recommend how we can begin – (now fill in the blank). The one thing all of these statements have in common is nothing is actually being implemented. Nothing is being done. Remember this… You don’t get credit for just thinking about it or saying it. You actually have to do something. You have to get off “go” and start. What’s the plan? What’s the process to implement? How are you keeping track to insure the process and success is being achieved?

Begin today by stopping the talk about what you’re going to do and actually do something you’ve been talking about. You and your team will get credit for that! Maybe even extra credit.

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