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Your Score vs The Customer Experience

Over the past 14 years we’ve conducted thousands of mystery phone shops. Over that same period we’ve had countless numbers of employees approach us saying they were “just shopped”. Some were right buy many more were wrong. In fact, we’ve had employees open large customer accounts that started with a phone call they assumed was a shop. Just this past week I’ve had five people tell me they were shopped. The reality… they were not shopped by us, but they were shopped by a real live customer. Personally, I’d be more concerned about the real live customer than a mystery shopper. Are you more concerned with how you’ll look to a shopper and your supervisor? or… Are you more concerned with how the real live customer will score you?

Service matters. How you handle the phones with a customer, or potential customer, is typically how you will handle the customer in person. Whether a mystery shopper calls you or a real live customer calls you, it shouldn’t make a difference. In fact, what do you care? If you’re handling every caller as if they are your #1 priority and abiding by your organization’s standards then you’ll have a remarkable score on any shop. More importantly, your customers will have a remarkable experience every time they call.

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