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The 40% Leader

Great leaders spend 40% of their time in the field with their people. This is a primary discipline of great leadership. Unfortunately, many leaders, unbeknownst to them, have voluntarily  checked out. In other words, by not spending this time in the field the leader can’t possibly know the pulse of the organization and can’t possibly lead in an effective manner. The leader that chooses to lead exclusively from the board room as a so-called decision maker will miss the mark more often than not. Many times these types of leaders will create unintended consequences through their decisions. Take a look at the article we linked to below, Lessons from the water-boy: How to lead and serve. Your actions as a leader will have an impact. Your visibility on the ground floor will have an impact. Here’s the deal. If you’re a leader in the organization then get involved in the organization. It’s not about what you are willing to do. It’s about what you are doing. The article below speaks of “servant leadership”. With that in mind, here’s the question of the day… How are you serving your organization? Are you serving from the mountaintop or are you a 40%’er who is serving where the people are?

Lessons from the water-boy: How to lead and serve

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